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Water Resistance (Factor B) – #DIMEX


Water Resistance (Factor B)

Watertightness is measured by projecting the equivalent of 20 liters of water per hour per square foot of window surface, the equivalent of 8 in. (200 mm) of rain in 1 hour. Air pressure is increased to simulate winds varying between 35 and 76 mph (57 to 123 kph). Ratings indicate the pressure attained without any interior water leakage, Using High Quality EPDM content sealing Gaskets.

150 pascals-3.0psf B1 Low-end  
200 pascals-4.2psf B2 Mid-range  
300 pascals-6.3psf B3 High-end DIMEX system
sliding and hung windows
700 pascals-14.6psf B7  DIMEX uPVC Windows & Doors System
 fixed, casement and awning windows