German Standard uPVC Windows & Doors Profiles – #DIMEX

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German Certified uPVC Windows & Doors Systems in Various Styles

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Extreme weather glazing bead &our very special EPDM gasket .#DIMEX

Extreme weather glazing bead &our very special  EPDM gasket . The DIMEX System  glazing bead  with Dimex #EPDM_Gasket COMBINATION has been proven to withstand winds of up to 220 miles per hour. And remember, if the wind can’t get in, there’s a much better chance your roof will stay on during a severe storm. So…

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DIMEX uPVC Profiles Certifications

DIMEX (India) WindowS & DOORS-Icon for Energy Saving and Reducing CO2-Emission After many years of successful Marking of High Quality DIMEX U-PVC Window﹠Door Profile systems in Europe,DIMEX TaiCang is proud to continue to provide Customers all over the Globe with its Window ﹠ Door Design. Maintaining U-PVC formulation with superior quality, mixed and extruded with…

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