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Our Vision: To be an International Reputed and Recognized Supplier of High Quality uPVC Profiles.

Our Wish: To add more and more Benefits and Value to our Customers by using DIMEX Window & Door Profile Systems.


#DIMEX – Quality Control & Quality Assurance

Quality Check - DIMEX-1

DIMEX Taicang follows ISO-9000 quality system strictly for production and quality control, According to the advanced testing techniques and methods for raw materials and finished products’ inspection and control as laid by headquarters in Germany, to ensure the size, shape, surface and gloss, anti-aging performance and stability of the product process parameters.

Steady QC (Quality Control) in production followed by QA (Quality Assurance) for mechanical properties of U-PVC profiles ensuring to maintain our high quality levels, to meet various national and international standards.

Our QC / QA Laboratory is adequately equipped to conduct all highly sophisticated tests. Highly sophisticated tests, s.a. for Wind Load Resistance, Thermal Insulation, etc. are conducted in collaboration with independent institutes.
Quality system: All QC/QA activities are recorded as per ISO 9000 requirements.

Testing : Yearly random testing from independent institutes are confirming our Quality. Copies of Test Certificates are any time available.

Products: Dimex offers U-PVC Window & Door Profile Systems as follows: –

Quality Check - DIMEX

High UV effects on uPVC Window profiles – #DIMEX


High UV effects on uPVC Window profiles

India is High UV Sensitive Country
As windows are exposed to all harsh & extreme weathers, it is important that these uPVC windows can sustain the High UV radiations in India. India is a High UV sensitive country.
In the High UV regions as illustrated in the map , the uPVc profiles are likely to change colours get yellow & greyish brown won’t look nice. It can happen if they are not formulated with enough portions of UV stabilizers & Titanium Dioxide(TiO2). These additives are very expensive compared to PVC raisins and Calcium Carbonate /filler . The low grade & unbranded profile making companies especially from china save on these in order to sell cheap in Indian markets . The new entrants in the industry use such profiles without knowing its implications , which is a matter of great concern.
When you buy upvc windows, it is recommended to talk about this with your vendor and have this clarified and assured that profiles he uses can withstand the High UV radiations. The TiO2 used in the formulation is 8 parts and more ( like in #DIMEX_Profiles) & he/she provides a third party accredited Lab test report.
DIMEX Provide:
  • Cipet Test report with every sale CIPET – Central Institute of Plastics Engineering & Technology- A Government of India undertaking
  • 8000 Hrs UV retardent test report especially for India & Australia from Dimex .Most of the other companies provide usual test reports only for 6000 hrs.

Wind Resistance (Factor C) – #DIMEX

Wind Resistance-#Dimex

Wind Resistance (Factor C)

This test measures the wind pressure windows can withstand without suffering breakage (structural shattering) or permanent damage (structural deformation).

110 mph (175kph) C1 Low-end
125 mph (200kph) C2 Mid-range
155 mph (250kph) C3 High-end
180 mph (285kph) C4 High-end
200 mph (320kph) C5 High-end
DIMEX System
sliding and Casement  windows
220 mph (350kph) C5+               DIMEX
fixed, hung , and awning windows

Water Resistance (Factor B) – #DIMEX


Water Resistance (Factor B)

Watertightness is measured by projecting the equivalent of 20 liters of water per hour per square foot of window surface, the equivalent of 8 in. (200 mm) of rain in 1 hour. Air pressure is increased to simulate winds varying between 35 and 76 mph (57 to 123 kph). Ratings indicate the pressure attained without any interior water leakage, Using High Quality EPDM content sealing Gaskets.

150 pascals-3.0psf B1 Low-end  
200 pascals-4.2psf B2 Mid-range  
300 pascals-6.3psf B3 High-end DIMEX system
sliding and hung windows
700 pascals-14.6psf B7  DIMEX uPVC Windows & Doors System
 fixed, casement and awning windows

Air Resistance (Factor A) – #DIMEX

Air Resistance -#Dimex
Air Resistance (Factor A)

Air tightness is measured by applying 75 pascals of pressure–the equivalent of a steady 25 mph (34 kph) wind–to the outside of the window. Interior air infiltration is then measured in cubic feet per minute per foot of window joint.

0.5 cu. ft./min/joint ft. A1 Low-end
0.3 cu. ft./min/joint ft. A2 Mid-range
0.1 cu. ft./min./joint ft. A3 High-end
0.086 cu. ft./min/joint ft. A3+ Dimex sliding   and hung windows
0.002 cu. ft./min/joint ft. A3++ Dimex fixed &casement and awning windows

Forced Entry – #DIMEX


Here`s the proof (Air resistance, water resistance and more..)

This test reproduces the efforts of a well-equipped individual attempting to force entry. The test has three phases. Testers begin by trying to force open the window using tools like a knife blade, screwdriver and wire. They then attach a cable to strategic points on the window and apply increasing loads. If the window continues to resist, they use tools again in a third attempt.

Windows rated F1 have a locking system, but have not been tested for forced entry.

Windows rated F2 have successfully passed the test at level 10. DIMEX system windows are rated F2, level 40.

A Parallel to the window from the handle  
B Perpendicular to window from the handle,first by pulling, then by pushing
C Parallel to the window at center of the sash,from bottom upward
D Perpendicular to the window where sashes meet,toward the interior
F1 Test not required
Level indicates the initial load applied to the cables:
F2 Level 10 = 150 lb. Mid-range
Level 20 = 200 lb. Mid-range
Level 30 = 250 lb. High end
Level 40 = 300lb. Dimex system

Extreme weather glazing bead &our very special EPDM gasket .#DIMEX

Extreme weather glazing bead-#dimex

Extreme weather glazing bead &our very special  EPDM gasket . The DIMEX System  glazing bead  with Dimex #EPDM_Gasket COMBINATION has been proven to withstand winds of up to 220 miles per hour. And remember, if the wind can’t get in, there’s a much better chance your roof will stay on during a severe storm. So you, your family and your home are much better protected when the weather turns against you…because you have the “ultimate all-weather barrier” on your side!

Multi-chamber magic – #DIMEX

Multi-chamber magic-DIMEX

Multi-Chamber magic. The unique multi-chamber is the key to DIMEX System design and performance superiority. Our multi-chambers significantly reduce exterior noise pollution while providing thermal efficiency second to none. Our multi-chamber walls are designed to enhance overall structural integrity. The reason they look so strong is because they are! Seeing is Believing