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German Certified uPVC Windows & Doors Systems in Various Styles

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DIMEX Premium Series uPVC Profile


DIMEX uPVC Sliding Windows Series

DIMEx Sliding Window

Dimex Komfort series cover

  • 60mm sliding window,
  • 88 mm sliding window,
  • 93mm sliding window,
  • 70mm sliding door,
  • 127mm sliding door,
  • 170mm lift sliding door
  • 60mm Sliding System ,
  • 85mm Sliding System,
  • 93mm Sliding System can be in common use, According to the design requirements, you can choose different frames.
  • 88 mm Sliding System,
    93mm Sliding System with the mosquito track are easy to make.
  • 70mm sliding door, 127mm sliding door can be in common use, choose different frames according the sizes and space customer needs .
  • 127mm three tracks sliding door has excellent strength, can achieve six of 1 meter sliding door, the maximum wideness can achieve 4 meters ,at the same time , togeter with the aluminium footboard, it is the best choice for the big living room.
  • The design concept using streamline with rich contemporary feeling . Original v-shaped poured mouth make the glazing bead easy to install, which improves the visual effect of window .
  • The thickness in the visible side of all main sliding profiles can achieve above 2.5mm, very stong !
  • Glazing bead will be installed inside.
  • The special steel cavity design,enhanced groove line and fixed line for the screw are esay for the hardware , more safe and reliable.
  • Seal block together with the main profile ensure the water outside can not go into the room.the grooves ensure the good dewatering, ;special glass bridges make the dewatering easiliy ,which also protect the glasses and brigde fastening on the original postion.
  • Special design of Alu Rail and hardware grooves follows European standard make it easy to install the window.
  • The same bottle of each main profile make it easy to combine with other accessories.