Fusion-welded for extra strength – #DIMEX


Fusion-welded for extra strength. DIMEX System Windows corners are 100% fusion welded. At 240-245° Fusion welding not only looks a lot better, it is inter-twined , merged , the welding is stronger than the profile itself . it also eliminates the need for adhesives and sealants. Which means you get a totally waterproof corner in addition to an aesthetically improved appearance.

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DIMEX Offers

The Premium White #uPVC_Profile


Today DIMEX offers an unparalleled Lead Free, High UV formulation for Full range of uPVc Windows Doors profiles, They are  smart & chic for new as well as for old Houses & flats in India, Also ideal- for Hotels, Hospitals ,Schools ,Government  properties & corporate buildings etc.

DIMEX Premium Series -2.5 mm wall thickness-

  • 8000 Hours of Xenon Testing
  • High UV resistant formulation
  • 8 parts of Titanium dioxide
  • Extruded with Original German Moulds
  • DIMEX Hardware
  • German Certificates
  • Certified by CIPPET


For Builders – Architects & Fabricators

DIMEX Premium Quality uPVC Window Systems ?

1- The Profiles only with 2.5 mm Wall Thickness ‘B’ Class according to IFT can be considered as PREMIUM QUALITY.
2- The Profiles with EN 12608-2016 German Norms Certification can be considered as PREMIUM QUALITY.
3- The High UV Profiles with 8 Parts of Titanium Dioxide can be considered as PREMIUM QUALITY.
4- The Profiles tested for 7400 – 8000 hrs. can be considered as PREMIUM QUALITY.
– The Profiles with all above parameters can be Accepted as PREMIUM QUALITY.
– The DIMEX profiles match with all above Four parameters & ..IS The PREMIUM QUALITY.
– Also verified with UWDMA



German uPVC Windows & Doors

DIMEX – German uPVC Windows & Doors

DIMEX is a GERMAN Brand –DIMEX GmbH, Nehren–Stuttgart, Germany-made its first aluminum shutters in 1933, it started extruding uPVc window & door profiles in Bad Württemberg Germany in 1979. In1983 DIMEX GmbH became a well reputed, internationally fame, and a QUALITY LEADER in German uPVc profile extrusion industry.

In year 2000 they came to China with 100% investment and 2007 they started
DIMEX INDIA. Today DIMEX uPVC Windows & Doors are being fabricated and installed in 21 locations in INDIA.

Wish you a Happy #Holi

Wishing you & your Family a Happy #Holi