Fusion-welded for extra strength – #DIMEX


Fusion-welded for extra strength. DIMEX System Windows corners are 100% fusion welded. At 240-245° Fusion welding not only looks a lot better, it is inter-twined , merged , the welding is stronger than the profile itself . it also eliminates the need for adhesives and sealants. Which means you get a totally waterproof corner in addition to an aesthetically improved appearance.

DIMEX anchoring screw


The exclusive DIMEX anchoring screw. Ordinary screws just weren’t good enough to guarantee trouble-free operation over the long term. So we developed a special new design for better anchoring power:
A screw that goes through a minimum of two walls, for a stronger, tighter hold that ensures the hardware never comes loose.

DIMEX uPVC Doors & Windows system


A matter a choice (Superior durability, outstanding performance, security and know how).

DIMEX uPVC Doors & Windows system combines the latest technology with the greatest looks, offering you a complete line of  High Quality  fully accessorized windows that can be easily customized to your exact needs.

Save Trees – Save Life – #DIMEX

Use DIMEX German uPVC Windows & Doors instead of Wooden 

On an average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four.” That same acre of trees also produces enough oxygen for 18 people to breathe for a year.” Not all trees produce the same amount of oxygen in the same amount of time.

Happy Navratri


DIMEX uPVC – For Builders, Architects & uPVC Windows Fabricators

Those who say and don’t do IT !

against – DIMEX Says & DO it


German Certification

#Dimex uPVC Profiles

German Certification

8000 Hrs. Xenon Test – It is a light test to control UV effect. To Take DIMEX Profile System to a new higher level, it provides a Unique 8000 Hrs. UV retardant Xenon test certificate. That is, to verify the longevity of the whiteness of uPVC profiles, most of the competitors can provide certificates only for 6000 hrs. DIMEX stand for SUPERIOR QUALITY. This advancement has stunned the competitors.

For some “The grapes are sour”.



DIMEX Offers

The Premium Laminated uPVC Profiles-

The Colours -With DIMEX High standard Profiles

The windows are available, In White, in Coated Ral colors, in Co-extruded colors & Laminated in wooden shades.


DIMEX Offers

The Premium White #uPVC_Profile


Today DIMEX offers an unparalleled Lead Free, High UV formulation for Full range of uPVc Windows Doors profiles, They are  smart & chic for new as well as for old Houses & flats in India, Also ideal- for Hotels, Hospitals ,Schools ,Government  properties & corporate buildings etc.

DIMEX Premium Series -2.5 mm wall thickness-

  • 8000 Hours of Xenon Testing
  • High UV resistant formulation
  • 8 parts of Titanium dioxide
  • Extruded with Original German Moulds
  • DIMEX Hardware
  • German Certificates
  • Certified by CIPPET