German Standard uPVC Windows & Doors Profiles – #DIMEX

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Extreme weather glazing bead &our very special EPDM gasket .#DIMEX

Extreme weather glazing bead &our very special  EPDM gasket . The DIMEX System  glazing bead  with Dimex #EPDM_Gasket COMBINATION has been proven to withstand winds of up to 220 miles per hour. And remember, if the wind can’t get in, there’s a much better chance your roof will stay on during a severe storm. So…

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DIMEX uPVC Profiles Certifications

DIMEX (India) WindowS & DOORS-Icon for Energy Saving and Reducing CO2-Emission After many years of successful Marking of High Quality DIMEX U-PVC Window﹠Door Profile systems in Europe,DIMEX TaiCang is proud to continue to provide Customers all over the Globe with its Window ﹠ Door Design. Maintaining U-PVC formulation with superior quality, mixed and extruded with…

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DIMEX uPVC Sliding Windows Series

Dimex Komfort series cover 60mm sliding window, 88 mm sliding window, 93mm sliding window, 70mm sliding door, 127mm sliding door, 170mm lift sliding door 60mm Sliding System , 85mm Sliding System, 93mm Sliding System can be in common use, According to the design requirements, you can choose different frames. 88 mm Sliding System, 93mm Sliding…

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