Dimex Strength

Technical Specifications of DIMEX PREMIUM Series uPVC Doors & Windows


  • With 2.5 mm. wall thickness.
  • High UV Retardant with 8 Parts of Titanium Dioxide
  • 8000 hrs. Xenon Tested
  • Eco Friendly
  • Fire Resistant
  • Sound Proof
  • Energy Saving
  • Termite Proof
  • Water Resistant
  • Burglar Proof
  • They carry 10 years Dimex Own warranty against Discoloration & against Brittleness
  • These economic & lightweight advantages make Dimex Premium windows most competitive in Indian Markets.
  • They are especially launched for Big Projects, where the Quality & prices can be assured.
  • They are a complete system to make all kind of project – Fixed, Sliding and openable Windows & Doors.
  • In this system we have separate window & door profiles as compared to other brand profiles. Who use the same window profiles for doors.
  • Being A German Brand Popular in Indian Markets for over 10 years, they provide more security to the end customer, and are more reliable for the Window makers.

Advantages of Dimex uPVC Doors & Windows

High UV Protected

India is a High UV Sensitive country, uPVC windows are high UV Resistant with high portions of Titanium Dioxide in its formulation. DIMEX is the Leader.

Fire Retardant

uPVC is a flame retardant material. uPVC frames are a self-extinguishable material that does not support combustion.

Sound Proof

uPVC windows block the noise Pollution, Sound Resistant, provide acoustic insulation high acoustic values can be realized together with the choice of proper glass.

Energy Saving

Low conductivity of uPVC as material together with the choice of Glass one can save up to 30% Electricity Bills.

Termite Proof

The biggest benefit in India is that uPVC is a Termite Retardant Product, you can choose uPVC windows instead of timber and you can make your house termite free.

Water Resistant

Even extreme harsh weather, Heavy Rains have no adverse effect on uPVC windows, uPVC windows can bear rains all lifelong.