DIMEX, German uPVC Windows & Doors Systems

DIMEX is a GERMAN Brand –DIMEX GmbH, Nehren–Stuttgart, Germany-made its first aluminum shutters in 1933, it started extruding uPVc window & door profiles in Bad Württemberg Germany in 1979. In1983 DIMEX GmbH became a well reputed,internationally fame, and a QUALITY LEADER in German uPVc profile extrusion industry.

To benefit from growing Chinese and Asian economies between 2000 and 2002, the 3-Big reputed German uPVc companies, including DIMEX Nehren set-up their own uPVc profile extrusion plants in mainland China. In 2008-9 came the 4th German company to china. So there are altogether 4 German Brands who extrude in China and export uPVc profiles to India in US Dollars and not in Euro.

In 2007, DIMEX GmbH Germany entered the Indian Markets together by the name of
DIMEX India Pvt. Ltd. Today DIMEX India offer an unparalleled High UV formulation for Full range of uPVc Windows Doors profiles, They are smart & chic for new as well as for old Houses & flats in India, Also ideal- for Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Government, properties & corporate buildings etc.

DIMEX won the international fame rapidly due to its unique and high quality designs supported by its consistent R & D Wall Thickness of DIMEX profile varies from 2.5 mm to 3.0 mm to fulfill different multinational standards and tasts.
LOTOS 6O/ LOTOS can be used as Tilt Turn and out opening Casement due to its twin drainage design.
High flexbility to use all kinds of glasses
Optimized Steel Reinforcement design to use in Frame and Sash
Universal Connecting Solutions to combine Profiles from various Systems of Thermal Insulation Values according
DIN EN 12412-2
Uf = 1.7W/sqmk (LOTOS 60)/TROPICA
Uf = 1.6W/sqmk (Komfort 60)
Uf = 1.3W/sqmk (Contour 70)