DIMEX (Taicang) Window Profile Co., Ltd.has been established 2001, as a 100% daughter of DIMEX GmbH Nehren/Germany, in the City of TaiCang, at the northern borderline of Shanghai in Jiangsu Province, PR of China.

75 employees ensuring high German Quality U-PVC Window Profile & Door Systems, manufactured with exclusive Western Technology

DIMEX (TaiCang) product range comprises Sliding Windows & Doors 60/70/88/93/127, Casement & TT 60 AD and 60 MD, Lift & Slide Doors 170, as well as newly invested systems 70 AD and 70 MD.

DIMEX TaiCang U-PVC Window & Doors fulfill various national Standards, such as DIN, EN ISO, JIS, GB/T and others.

15.000 tons/annum U-PVC Profiles can be produced by DIMEX (India) Window Profile Co.Ltd. and distributed to customers all over the globe.

IIn March 2010 DIMEX TaiCang entered into a Sino-Foreign Joint Venture company together with Xi’An Gaoke Building Materials to enhance Marketing activities of German U-PVC Window & Door Systems in the Chinese Market, beside a ready established international Distribution Network.


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